Blue Leopards

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I must be missing Africa. I see leopard spots in my paintings tonight. I was fortunate enough to see eight leopards including three cubs during my recent trip to Kruger National Park and Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve. It’s one trip I can check off from the bucket list but I feel Mother Africa calling me. I guess I’ll add it back as Trip Two to Africa. As for the paintings, Africa continues to inspire me and I think ‘Blue Leopards” is fitting. 

Last Pour of the Day

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Something I like to do at the end of a painting day is to mix all of my remaining paint onto one canvas. I call it “the last pour.”  Sometimes it’s awful but most of the time I’m pleasantly surprised at the beautiful painting that emerges. I think tonights is a keeper. It’s still drying so there’s always a chance it won’t dry like the pictures but keeping my fingers crossed. 

Pink Flowers in Vase

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My friend Linda was visiting from Colorado and asked to see my ‘hammer flower’ technique and so began ‘Pink Flowers in Vase’.

The painting changed quite a bit over time: the vase was smaller and a darker shade of blue, the table was black and there were fewer flowers and less greenery.  But I continued to work on it, taking breaks so I could get a fresh perspective, making a few changes at a time.  This painting makes me feel happy, and hope makes you feel happy too 😉